grascomp Graduate School in Computing Science / UCL
Course description

When: Thursday, June 18th, 9:45-14:00 

Where: UCL campus (Louvain-la-Neuve), Salle Jean-Baptiste Carnoy, batiment Carnoy B0, Croix du Sud 4.

Lecturer: Dr. Ricardo de O. Schmidt, visiting Prof. at UCL.


The target audience of this course consists of Master and PhD students, as well as practitioners from industry, interested in the topics of network monitoring and traffic measurements. The course consists of a theoretical and a practical part:

  • The theoretical part aims at providing the students with a strong, but not massive, background on the topic of network traffic measurements, and it will address topics such as: historical facts of network monitoring and traffic measurements (from SNMP to SDN); technologies for passive traffic measurements at the packet (e.g., sFlow) and flow level (e.g., NetFlow/IPFIX); and traffic measurements at SDN. 
  • The practical part of the course will be divided in two subparts consisting of hands-on exercises allowing students to put in practice what they learned in theory. In the first one, students will install and configure an open source tool for traffic measurements (e.g., YAF), and perform offline flow-level measurements using existing pcap files that can be obtained at In the second exercise, students will setup a complete open source, flow-level measurement environment by installing and configuring: nfcapd to collect flow data; nfdump to process the collected data; and NfSen to visualize the processed data. 
Please bring your laptop for the practical part. MacOS/Linux (a VM should be fine, too) is needed for the tools used in this course.



The lectures will take place on the UCL campus. UCL is easily reachable by train or car. Parking is free but requires a permit (zone B). If you need a permit, please send your license plate number to More info regarding parking in Louvain-la-Neuve can be found here. And here is a map showing the location of the Carnoy B0 auditorium.

Participation and registration

The course is open to all scholars, researchers and practitioners from Belgium and abroad. Participation will be credited to doctoral students upon request, as part of the GRASCOMP doctoral school programme. Attendance is free but registration is required. Please register by sending an e-mail with your name and affiliation to the organizer Ramin Sadre, by June 15.

About the lecturer

Ricardo de Oliveira Schmidt is a Post-Doctoral researcher at the University of Twente. He obtained a PhD degree from the same university for his thesis on “Measurement-based link dimensioning for the future internet”. Currently, his research focuses on network operations and management, and on network traffic monitoring and measurements. He is contributing to two EU FP7 projects, namely FLAMINGO and MCN, and two Dutch projects, namely SURFnet's Project on Next-Generation Networks and Self-Managing Anycast Networks for DNS (SAND).