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Network Algorithms and Distributed Computing

COMP056 - Marco Canini (organizer)
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Network Algorithms and Distributed Computing

When: 17th November 13:3018:00 and 18th November 10:3015:30

Where: Carnoy B0.59, Croix du Sud, UCL, Louvain-la-Neuve

Lecturer: Dr. Stefan Schmid, visiting Prof. at UCL

This course is structured around fundamental concepts and problems of distributed systems and networking. The course interleaves theoretical concepts (time and message complexity, locality, scalability, convergence time, self-stabilization, randomization) with practical applications (load-balancing, Internet routing). Several exercises ensure that students have time to play with and digest the concepts. The goal of the course is to give the students techniques to understand and reason about distributed systems and networks. No specific background is required for this course, and all needed mathematical concepts are introduced in the course.

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Course contents:

  • Introduction to distributed and local graph algorithms

  • Network topologies

  • Broadcast and convergecast

  • Spanning tree computation

  • Distributed synchronization and clustering

  • Distributed coloring

  • Independent sets

  • Distributed sorting

  • The power of randomization

This course appeals to Master and PhD students, and practitioners from industry interested in foundations of distributed systems and networking, as well as algorithms.


The lectures will take place on the UCL campus, auditorium Carnoy B0 (see this map), Croix du Sud in Louvain-la-Neuve. UCL is easily reachable by train or car. Parking at Croix du Sud is free but requires a permit (zone B). If you need a permit, please send your license plate number to . More info regarding parking in Louvain-la-Neuve can be found here.


The course is open to all scholars, researchers and practitioners from Belgium and abroad. Participation will be credited to doctoral students upon request, as part of the GRASCOMP doctoral school programme. Attendance is free but registration is required by enrolling using the form below.

About the lecturer:

Stefan Schmid obtained his PhD degree from ETH Zurich (group led by Roger Wattenhofer) for his contributions to the field of dynamic and incentive-compatible distributed systems. Subsequently, he was a postdoc at TU Munich (chair for efficient algorithms) and Paderborn (chair for theory of distributed systems). He is now a Senior Research scientist at T-Labs / TU Berlin, and also a visiting professor at CNRS Toulouse and UCL.

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